How do you manage your Anti-Poaching Unit after your qualification as a Counter Poaching Ranger?

Can our Counter Poaching Rangers really compete with the professional poaching crime syndicates in Africa?

Virunga National Park already lost 150 rangers, protecting wildlife. Their enemies are trained soldiers (Al-Shabaab).

It is an unfortunate fact that an 18 or 25 year old Ranger with no previous experience and with a three to six week Counter Poaching training certificate is not ready to counter experienced poaching syndicates in Africa. We want to train people of all ages to counter pouching in Africa.

Our poaching syndicates consist out of experienced ex-soldiers and criminal elements that were trained in bush war techniques with years of experience!

Equip your Anti-Poaching Unit with the following:
Prevention techniques
Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) training
Criminal Law
Security Manager assistance
24/7 assistance